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IOTW: Hip vector art January 27, 2009

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Floral designs with songbirds / beaubelle

Image: 43-00095686

Title: Floral designs with songbirds

Contributor: beaubelle

If you haven’t noticed, the aviary trend has been going on strong for a while now. Birds are popping up all over in illustrations, textiles, stationary and home decor.

The birds in this particular design are a nice compliment to the flowers, adding a bit of contrast but still keeping it a cohesive design. The mix of solid shapes, gradient and line drawings create depth and give the whole piece a refreshing splash of color. As if it wasn’t great enough- the whole illustration is laid out in a giant swoop, which brings your eyes around the whole piece.

And plus, who doesn’t love a cheery vector illustration?

If you want to jump on the trend and spice your design up to give it some hip flair, you can visit these sites to learn how to create your very own vector image:

Instructables – How to create groovy vector art

– Shelby

Image Reviewer


Image of the Day: Thursday August 28th August 28, 2008

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Image: 43-00517756
  “Illustration of teachers holding books”
Contributor: Thorvis               

Why we like it:  It’s “Back to School” time here in the States so Thorvis’ cool blue tiled vector illustration of a man holding a document is a good find.

The color palette is great – the blue tones manage to look fresh and modern while simultaneously giving off a cool retro vibe. I also really like the stencil quality to this illustration – it really stands out as the kind of graphic art you might find on a hand printed poster.

 This kind of illustration will work well for use in education settings (the dude has a teacherly feel), but also in generic office usages.


Nice work Thorvis!


 What do you think?


– Brian

Image of the Day: Friday August 15th August 15, 2008

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Once again, today we will be breaking the rules and featuring a number of images – this time vector illustrations.

The Democratic and Republican conventions are nearing, and so today we will be highlighting some particularly powerful political illustrations (we do like alliteration!). As the US election season heats up – images and illustrations referencing American politics are certain to be en vogue.

Mike McDonald has submitted some great vector icon sets that are particularly well executed: 

Image: 43-00229192
  “Election campaign badges”
Contributor: Mike McDonald



LuMaxArt has submitted some election themed vectors recently. This one has a nice mix of elements combined with use of his popular “gold guys”. I like the waving American flag / ballot sheet background he uses in this set: 

Image: 43-00452232
  “Illustrations of election set”
Contributor: LuMaxArt


Sgursozlu has some awesome politically themed graphics as well. While this one is not strictly related to the election, it has really nice polished look and sweet 3D retro style: 

Image: 43-00498141
Contributor: sgursozlu 


Looking for more? 
Click here to see a search containing some of our favorite election related vector illustrations.
Just so you know:  I’ll be voting for Paris – she’s got a great energy policy!    😉


– Brian

Image of the Day: Thursday July 31st July 31, 2008

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Image: 43-00474590
Title:  “Steel clamp against plain background”
Contributor: scargut

Why we like it: Sometimes a clamp is just a clamp. Scargut puts it best in the description:

“I know it’s just a clamp and all… but this is one wicked-cool, highly polished, steel clamp.”

Totally true. Nice seemingly simple vector with good shading and texture. The highlights really do make this clamp shiny and metallic.

As in Scargut’s illustration, sometimes a simple subject that is well executed can really make a vector stand-out. For best results – try keeping your illustrations clean and polished. Making them “wicked-cool” doesn’t hurt either.  😉

What do you think?

– Brian