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Reviewer Favorite Images of 2008 January 15, 2009

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Each SnapVillage reviewer goes through many hundreds of images daily, but we still get excited when we come upon a great image. We’re always on the lookout for good content that is commercially appealing, technically strong, and conceptually engaging. But we’re also a pretty diverse group here and can’t help but be moved by all kinds of interesting imagery.  Now that we’re into the New Year, let’s look for a moment by presenting Snapvillage Reviewer Favorites ’08.  These are highlighted selections from some members of our image review team.

We look forward to seeing more great images in ’09!


Molly’s Pick: 43-00684632

Contributor: CURAphotography

Fashion fairy tale - CURAphotography

“The desaturation of colors and interesting lighting make this whimsical portrait delicate and beautiful.”



IOTD: Jill Flusemann’s “Two women in silhouette” and the Rule of Thirds September 10, 2008

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Image: 43-00536820
  “Two women in silhouette”
Contributor: Jill Flusemann

Why we like it:   Uh… seriously. What’s not to like about this shot?  😉

Composition and color align in this terrific image from Jill Flusemann. The two walking women in silhouette anchor the lower right quadrant, and the pink and orange walls contrast beautifully. The bright vertical line leading down to the women, and the clothes line pointing directly back into the large central area of shadow are two fortuitous elements that give this shot a pleasant circular flow and a dynamic composition.

This image is a good excuse to reference the significance of the rule of thirds in creating dynamic compositions. For those of you not yet in the know – the rule of thirds is a simple and effective rule of thumb used to help craft more aesthetically pleasing compositions.

Imagine laying a grid of lines over your shot – with the two vertical lines, and two horizontal lines set at equal intervals. These lines divide your image into 9 equally spaced blocks. Then imagine placing the important points of interest in your shot at the spots on or near where the gridlines intersect.

On a horizontal image the grid would fall like so:

Rule of Thirds - Horizontal

Rule of Thirds - Horizontal

On a vertical:

Rule of Thirds - Vertical

Rule of Thirds - Vertical

Let’s put a grid over Jill Flusemann’s shot:



Notice the woman walking on the right falls near an intersection point. The line of laundry leads our eyes close to an intersection point as well. While the gridline intersections do not fall exactly into place – they are close enough for our eyes/brains to find this image particularly interesting. Those elements combined with the pleasing color palette give this image all it needs to be our IOTD.

What do you think?

Do you think about the rule of thirds when you compose your shots?

As they say – rules were meant to be broken!  😉 
Have you ever intentionally or accidentally “broken” the rule of thirds and still created a successful shot?


– Brian