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Image of the Week: December 5th, 2008 December 5, 2008

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Hi –

We’ve heard from many that have missed our “Image of the Day” blog feature. Sadly we’ve been busy, and our blog has indeed been looking lonely lately.  We’re back and we’re changing things up a bit this time ’round. We’ll be switching to a weekly format – and while I’ll continue to chime in, we’ll also be featuring posts from SnapVillage reviewers and other team members.

Kicking things off – this IOTW (Image of the Week) post comes from Maggie, one of our lead image reviewers. 


   – Brian



Image: 43-00621761
  “Loose Green Tea”
Contributor: Elenathewise

 Great shots like this one by Elena the Wise beg the question, “What makes a great food shot?” As an image reviewer, one sees many examples of food photography so I thought it might be helpful to share some hints for successful food shots. Here’s why Elena’s image works well:

  • Nice lighting: The shot is well lit with no unsightly areas of shadow or blown out highlights.
  • White balance: The lighting helps keep the white balance accurate. Food shots with greenish or yellowish color casts from improper white balance are usually pretty unappetizing.
  • Interesting props: The use of the porcelain spoon vs. a regular teaspoon adds interest and a splash of color. The spoon’s decorative blue border contrasts nicely against the pink of the petals in the tea.
  • Great composition: Getting close-up and shooting the spoon from slightly above rather than from the side really lets the tea stand out as the main subject. The use of selective focus draws the eye to the subject.

Nice work, Elena!  If you’d like to learn more about how to make your food shots look fabulous, check out these resources:

Introduction to food photography:

Food photography gear:

 Equipment on a budget:


Bon appetite!


– Maggie


Image of the Day: Wednesday August 27th August 27, 2008

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Image: 43-00520925
  “Assorted ice cream in sugar cones”
Contributor: Elenathewise                 

Why we like it:  Despite the gray skies out in Seattle today, we’re not ready to give up on summer without a fight!

Elenathewise shows off three varieties of a classic summertime treat on a clean bright white background.  Yum!

Mastering white backgrounds is an important milestone for many stock photographers. Clean backgrounds are essential to good shots of products and objects, and image buyers like that it’s easy to cutout an isolated object and drop it into their projects.

Here are three tips for nice clean white backgrounds:

  • Use a seamless curved backdrop or a light tent:
  • Light the background and the subject separately:
    • Meter for the main subject(s) – and then set your background lights at least 1-2 stops higher so that it will be blown-out
      • A meter will come in handy here as you’ll want to check that the background is bright enough.
    • For best results with larger subjects such as people – you’ll need to have two lights on the background
  • Made a mistake? As usual, Photoshop can save you:


How do you get bright white backgrounds?  Share your suggestions in the comments.

– Brian