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Scheduled Temporary Maintenance Outage December 5, 2008

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Hi SnapVillagers –

Heads-up! SnapVillage will be down for a scheduled temporary maintenance outage starting at 5pm PST Friday December 6th. 

We plan to be back up and running during the day on Saturday.

Be sure to check back here for the latest updates.

Have questions or comments?  Feel free to drop a comment here, or you can reach us at contactus@snapvillage.com


– Brian


Inspirational High-Speed Photography November 13, 2008

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The folks over at Smashing Magazine recently posted a great collection of high-speed photography. Most of the examples are linked to more work by that artist.

Feed your creative need with this top notch work.

Microstock Is Global! October 9, 2008

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As a follow-up to Lee Torren’s MicroStockDiaries post about the global diversity of microstock, we thought it would be interesting to check the global footprint of the SnapVillage contributor community.

Check it out:



A few interesting snippets we can add to Lee’s discussion questions:

  • SnapVillage contributors come from 104 countries
  • Over 50% of SnapVillage contributors are from outside of the United States
  • The top 12 countries account for 85% of our contributor base
  • The “other” 15% is fascinating:
    • There are significant numbers of SnapVillage contributors in many places that didn’t quite make the “Top 12” – Latvia, South Africa, Estonia, and Brazil.
    • A big “hello!” to the SnapVillage contributors in far off spots like: Guernsey, Oman, Nigeria, New Caledonia, Syria, Mauritius, and Guinea-Bissau. We’re glad you’re here!

 Another way to look at it:

Using the ubiquitous Big Huge Labs “Places I’ve Been” map maker:


SnapVillage Contributors Around the World
Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com
Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com

It’s awesome that microstock contributors are found across most of the globe, and to my knowledge this does look like a shift from the concentrated clusters of traditional stock shooters.

We’re really thrilled to see a diverse contributor community beginning to take shape here at SnapVillage!


– Brian

Test your color hue IQ September 25, 2008

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We stumbled across this nifty little color hue test and wanted to share it with the Village. Arrange four sets of hues on a spectrum to test your eye.

Don’t forget to blink (we did, made our eyes feel funny).

Take the Hue IQ test here.

Let us know how you scored in the comments. Lower is better on this one.

Good luck!

– Liz

P.S. Brian and I tied at 4 on our first attempt. Beat that if you can!

And we’re back! September 20, 2008

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Our updates went smoothly and we’re open for business again.

You won’t see any changes on your end – these were all system improvements made behind the scenes.

We’re still making updates to the site all the time.

Stay tuned!

– Liz

Temporary Maintenance Outage September 18, 2008

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We’re in the process of making some routine maintenance updates to SnapVillage. The site will be unavailable from Friday, September 20th at 5pm PST through most of the weekend.

No new page designs this time – these are just simple system updates. Check back here for the latest updates (and interesting reading!).

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to either post a comment here or email us directly at contactus@snapvillage.com.

Enjoy your weekend!

– Liz

Congratulations to our Wacom Tablet Winner! September 17, 2008

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One of Jared's illustrations

Jared MacPherson - Winner of the Wacom Tablet SweepstakesTeam SnapVillage is pleased to announce that Jared MacPherson has won the Wacom CINTIQ 21UX Tablet! He was randomly selected from a pool of over 30,000 entries by a random drawing.

Jared is a long-time Wacom fan, having owned an Intuos since he was in art school at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. For Jared, “going back to a mouse isn’t an option.”

After graduating in the Spring of 2007, Jared now works as a graphic designer and illustrator at Plumbheavy Design in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. You can see some samples of Jared’s work in this post and on his personal website.

When his new tablet arrives, Jared plans to post a review of it on one of his three blogs.

“I’ll do a comparison to see how it works compared to my older one,” said Jared.

The future looks bright for this young designer. Jared hopes to someday launch an illustration and design business with fellow designer, Jennifer Duong – his original inspiration to begin digital art.

“We’ve been discussing possibilities for a business. It’s still in the beginning stages, but extremely fun and exciting.” said Jared. “It’s great to have people around who inspire and motivate you. One day, when the timing is right, it’d be a great achievement.”

I’m sure this slick new CINTIQ will be a great addition to his blossoming illustration business! Congratulations again, Jared!

– Liz

P.S. Special thanks to Bittbox for posting a link to the giveaway so Jared (and many others) could learn about it.

IOTD: Dennis Herron’s “sulfur pits” September 12, 2008

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Image: 43-00534235
  “sulfur pits”
Contributor: dennis herron

Why we like it:   Dennis Herron has been submitting some terrifically moody and evocative images lately. Check out his portfolio – especially the “landscapes – nature” set. Actually, it was quite tough to choose a favorite today! This image is definitely near the top.

It’s a unique view of a commonly photographed location, but rendered here in a silvery, almost otherworldly form. The two distant figures in the steam clouds are perfectly placed, and give a necessary sense of scale that balances the thin horizontal lines of the walkway and lines in the sulfur pit. Without those figures, the image wouldn’t have made it atop today’s chart!

What do you think?


– Brian


IOTD: Jill Flusemann’s “Two women in silhouette” and the Rule of Thirds September 10, 2008

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Image: 43-00536820
  “Two women in silhouette”
Contributor: Jill Flusemann

Why we like it:   Uh… seriously. What’s not to like about this shot?  😉

Composition and color align in this terrific image from Jill Flusemann. The two walking women in silhouette anchor the lower right quadrant, and the pink and orange walls contrast beautifully. The bright vertical line leading down to the women, and the clothes line pointing directly back into the large central area of shadow are two fortuitous elements that give this shot a pleasant circular flow and a dynamic composition.

This image is a good excuse to reference the significance of the rule of thirds in creating dynamic compositions. For those of you not yet in the know – the rule of thirds is a simple and effective rule of thumb used to help craft more aesthetically pleasing compositions.

Imagine laying a grid of lines over your shot – with the two vertical lines, and two horizontal lines set at equal intervals. These lines divide your image into 9 equally spaced blocks. Then imagine placing the important points of interest in your shot at the spots on or near where the gridlines intersect.

On a horizontal image the grid would fall like so:

Rule of Thirds - Horizontal

Rule of Thirds - Horizontal

On a vertical:

Rule of Thirds - Vertical

Rule of Thirds - Vertical

Let’s put a grid over Jill Flusemann’s shot:



Notice the woman walking on the right falls near an intersection point. The line of laundry leads our eyes close to an intersection point as well. While the gridline intersections do not fall exactly into place – they are close enough for our eyes/brains to find this image particularly interesting. Those elements combined with the pleasing color palette give this image all it needs to be our IOTD.

What do you think?

Do you think about the rule of thirds when you compose your shots?

As they say – rules were meant to be broken!  😉 
Have you ever intentionally or accidentally “broken” the rule of thirds and still created a successful shot?


– Brian

IOTD: LuMaxArt’s “Online Shopping” September 8, 2008

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Image: 43-00534953
  “Online shopping”
Contributor: LuMaxArt

Why we like it:  Mixing it up a bit – today we’ve selected a recently submitted image from LuMaxArt – creator of the famous “gold guys” and one of the most prolific SnapVillage contributors to date. This LuMaxArt illustration displays some of what makes his work so successful:

  • Appealing 3D render
  • Clean design – easy to drop into a variety of webdesigns and business publications
  • Clear visual translation of popular concepts and metaphors

Similarly to the Monkey Business shot we picked last week, this LuMaxArt illustration captures a popular concept in a clear and accessible way. LuMaxArt takes advantage of the medium – conjuring a humorously literal take on online shopping in a way that would be a bit more obtuse in a photograph (not to mention difficult to capture without many hours of post-processing effects). Without overcomplicating, he adds some nice details too – the binary “1”s and “0”s that the online shopper is surfing into the laptop screen.

But if online shopping gets this interactive we may all be in trouble…  😉


What do you think?



– Brian