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Veer Marketplace Opens to Contributors on June 8th! May 1, 2009

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Mark your calendars!  The Veer Marketplace Contributor Site launches on Monday, June 8.

Our development team is working ahead of schedule – and we’re excited to announce that on Monday June 8th, we’ll launch the Veer Marketplace Contributor Site!

After that date, you’ll be able to begin submitting your new work. While these images won’t be available for sale until we launch the complete site in mid-summer, you will able to get a head start to upload any new work using the new FTP capable Veer Marketplace upload platform.

Check out the Veer Marketplace Submissions Page for more information.

Lots of additional information about Veer Marketplace is now available on the Veer submissions page, such as, the Veer Marketplace terms of agreement, an FAQ reflecting the Veer Marketplace credit system, subscriptions, pricing and royalty structures as well as the new submission guidelines, so go check it out.

If you have additional questions you can send them to marketplacesubmissions@veer.com, or you can post questions, comments and suggestions to the Veer Marketplace Group on Veer Ideas (you’ll want to sign-up and join the Marketplace Group if you haven’t already).

Reminder:  As of May 1st, SnapVillage is no longer accepting uploads.

As of today, SnapVillage is no longer accepting uploads.  We needed to close down the upload system on SnapVillage because “freezing” the SnapVillage collection, allows us to more efficiently extract and transfer images and accounts to Veer Marketplace.

The process of reviewing all SnapVillage accounts for transfer to Veer Marketplace will be wrapped up soon. All SnapVillage contributors will be hearing from us by mid-May with an update on their account.

As we mentioned in our last blog post – although we won’t be accepting new images, buyers will still be able to license your content, and you’ll still be able to access your account.

We look forward to seeing you (and your new content) on Veer Marketplace very soon!

Thanks from the Veer Marketplace Team


SnapVillage Will No Longer Accept Uploads as of May 1st April 22, 2009

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Hi SnapVillagers,

It’s been just over two months since we announced our plans to roll SnapVillage into a new microstock offering on Veer called Veer Marketplace. We’ve been moving at a rapid pace as we get closer to the mid year launch when Veer Marketplace upload capabilities will be live.

The next stage of this transition requires that we stop accepting new uploads to SnapVillage. This will allow us to “freeze” the SnapVillage collection, and enable more efficient extraction and transfer of SnapVillage imagery and accounts to Veer Marketplace.

We have scheduled this to happen on Friday, May 1. This means you can continue to upload images until midnight on April 30th, but after that you’ll have to hold on to your new images while we transfer the rest of the SnapVillage content over to Veer Marketplace.

While we won’t be taking new uploads, you’ll still be able to access your SnapVillage account and portfolio as you always have. This change doesn’t affect any buyer side feature or functionality. During this transition, SnapVillage buyers will continue to be able to license your content, and you’ll continue to accrue royalties.

We launched Phase 1 of Veer Marketplace in late February with 140,000 images that are now available for purchase on veer.com and we are still slated for a full launch mid year with contributor upload capabilities and credit-based pricing and subscriptions.

We’ll be in touch with you over the next few weeks with an update on the Phase 2 launch date which will include the go-live date for the upload features on Veer Marketplace, submission guidelines and details about your new Veer Marketplace agreement and royalties.

While we’re bummed we won’t be able to accept your new content for awhile, we’re really excited that Veer Marketplace and a brand new upload workflow is closer than ever. Stay tuned!

If you have any other questions, you can email contactus@snapvillage.com

Thanks from the SnapVillage Team

– Brian

Scheduled Temporary Maintenance Outage December 5, 2008

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Hi SnapVillagers –

Heads-up! SnapVillage will be down for a scheduled temporary maintenance outage starting at 5pm PST Friday December 6th. 

We plan to be back up and running during the day on Saturday.

Be sure to check back here for the latest updates.

Have questions or comments?  Feel free to drop a comment here, or you can reach us at contactus@snapvillage.com


– Brian

Temporary Maintenance Outage September 18, 2008

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We’re in the process of making some routine maintenance updates to SnapVillage. The site will be unavailable from Friday, September 20th at 5pm PST through most of the weekend.

No new page designs this time – these are just simple system updates. Check back here for the latest updates (and interesting reading!).

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to either post a comment here or email us directly at contactus@snapvillage.com.

Enjoy your weekend!

– Liz

Site Outage Update June 2, 2008

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We’re almost done adding new hardware and making some improvements to SnapVillage. The updates are going well, but it is taking a bit longer to upload all the images to our new servers than we expected.

We should have everything finished and be back online late this evening. We’ll post more detailed updates here as we get them. Thanks for your patience. We’ll be back soon!

Team Snapvillage

Site Offline Until Sunday May 30, 2008

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43-00278885 / mmac72


We’re making some updates to SnapVillage starting Friday, May 30, 2008 at 5:00pm PST that require us to go offline temporarily. We’re adding great new hardware and making some major site improvements.

The site should be down until late Sunday and be back up and running first thing Monday. Sorry we have to be down all weekend, but it really is necessary. Besides, we think you’ll find it’s worth the wait.

Feel free to email us at contactus@snapvillage.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a great weekend!

– Liz

News from SnapVillage: site improvements and new ads March 14, 2008

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Say Goodbye to Beta Soon
We’re doing some spring cleaning at SnapVillage. Our web team has been working hard to fix the last few bugs in the site so we can get out of beta soon. You should notice an increase in performance right away as we release these improvements. Many of you sent in suggestions for new features and reported problem spots on the site. Thanks for sending us your ideas and reporting bugs when you found them. We need everyone’s help to keep the Village running smoothly.

SnapVillage hits Newsstands Everywhere
In January, we announced that we’re ramping up our marketing efforts. We’re primarily targeting graphic designers, art directors and other creative professionals. You can find our first print ad in the February issue of Creativity Magazine, introducing SnapVillage to future buyers (check out the ad below). You’ll see more ads in the March issue of Creativity, GD USA and the April/May issue of Photoshop User. Watch for ads in even more magazines coming out in May and June.

Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You!
We’re not just reaching out with magazine ads, we’re also contacting buyers directly with our direct mail campaign. It will include a special feature to bring graphic designers into our community. We don’t want to give away the surprise, so stay tuned for more details!

Get ready to welcome some new neighbors to SnapVillage. Keep your ideas and images coming!

– Team SnapVillage

SnapVillage Ad in Creativity Feb-08 issue


You Asked For It… a New Watermark! September 14, 2007

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Many of you have written in to say that the SnapVillage watermark could be cropped off the image too easily and that folks might be tempted to use the thumbnail instead of properly licensing the images.

In an effort to improve protection for your pictures, we introduced a new watermark design for SnapVillage today! In addition to the existing, bold “snapvillage” logo in the left hand corner, each image uploaded to SnapVillage will also have repeating logos superimposed across the image. This change will improve copyright protection for your images without compromising the picture quality and viewing experience for buyers.

Here’s an image taken by VisualRiot that contains the new watermark:

Washington Pass Image - SnapVillage.com

See you around SnapVillage and keep those ideas coming!

– SnapVillage Team

SnapVillage Image Review Time down to 1 to 2 days! August 2, 2007

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Hello SnapVillagers. First of all, a big “Thanks” to the thousands of you that have joined SnapVillage and submitted images since launch. Your willingness to give SnapVillage a try has driven the rate and volume of submissions well beyond our wildest expectations. We’re off to an amazing start.

Of course, the enthusiastic response also meant that we found ourselves with a backlog in a fairly short time, with plenty of comments and feedback here on this blog to prove it! In response, we moved fast to increase the size of the review team, and attacked our review backlog with a passion. Result: we’ve cleared out the backlog (thanks again for being so patient and understanding post-launch) and are averaging one to two days for new submissions. As of today, you can expect a pretty quick turnaround on any images you upload. If you are still awaiting word from us on images you submitted more than a couple of days prior to this post, please leave a comment or send us an email and we’ll investigate.

What the rapid review time also means is that we will respond quickly when you submit your work. If you’ve been sitting on the fence until now, it’s a good time to submit your pictures and get your work published to the site in just a few days. Click here to post your work.And while we’re on the subject of image submissions and reviewers, some of you left comments to the effect that the review decisions seemed a little unpredictable. If you have questions about or disagree with our review decisions, please send us an email and we’ll investigate!

See you around SnapVillage!

IPTC Support Coming Soon! (and a few words on our keywording policies) July 16, 2007

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Happy Monday everyone. We wanted to post a quick update on a hot topic. As many of you have noticed and commented on, SnapVillage does not enable IPTC metadata extraction at present. Well, we’re pleased to announce that this will be changing when we turn on support for IPTC metadata extraction. We’ll post an update when we get closer to the release to provide more detailed information.

However, please know that, now and in the future after we enable IPTC data extraction, meta data is not, repeat NOT required when you upload your photos. That’s right – when you upload images to SnapVillage, you don’t have to spend time adding titles, descriptions or keywords to the images you submit. Our review team will add meta data to your images as part of the review process which means you have more time to take pictures!

On a side note, we’re moving into a periodic release schedule when we’ll be regularly fixing bugs, rolling out enhancements, and shipping features. The most recent release contains fixes for the more critical sign-up and upload issues some of you have experienced during the account registration and upload process.  As always, please report any bugs or issues you experience on the site here, or feel free to post a comment to the blog.

Thanks and we’ll see you around SnapVillage!