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Expanding the Opportunity for SnapVillage Contributors February 5, 2009

Posted by Team SnapVillage in snapvillage, Veer Marketplace.
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Hi SnapVillagers –

As you know firsthand – microstock is big. And getting bigger!  Corbis anticipates that within the next few years, microstock photography will represent more than 25% of the overall stock photography market. We are committed to taking a significant share of this market and providing photographers a leading brand and website to reach customers looking for affordable, quality photography and a great web experience.

We have learned a lot from SnapVillage, and we recognize that as the market has rapidly evolved over the past two years, we need a bigger, better offering to achieve success in microstock.

So today we’re excited to be sharing our plans to roll SnapVillage into a new microstock offering on Veer, which Corbis acquired in 2007.  Veer is a highly successful stock agency specializing in creative rights managed (RM) and royalty free (RF). It has a large, established, global customer base, strong brand loyalty and an industry-leading website, providing an ideal platform to rapidly build our microstock business.

We plan to build on SnapVillage’s assets to launch a new microstock-specific section at Veer called Veer Marketplace.  Veer will maintain its traditional high end offering, but will also offer clients more affordable, user-contributed microstock imagery in the Veer Marketplace section of the website.

While we can’t reveal all our secrets before the launch of Veer Marketplace, we can tell you that you’ll experience efficient upload, a great user experience and your work will be showcased and marketed within the amazing award-winning design and community for which Veer is recognized.

Veer Marketplace will launch in two phases with a small sampling of affordable images that can be purchased a la carte in late February, followed by a full launch mid year with contributor upload capabilities and credit-based pricing and subscriptions.

What does this mean for SnapVillage?
In the months ahead, we’ll be inviting SnapVillage contributors and customers to Veer Marketplace. Once Veer Marketplace is launched and fully operational, it will become Corbis’ only microstock brand and SnapVillage will be phased out by the end of the year.

What does this mean for you?
We will be in touch in the coming months with more information on transitioning your photography and illustration to Veer Marketplace. We have hundreds of thousands of images and thousands of contributors, so please be patient, and we assure you we’ll work as fast as we can!

Do you have friends who may be interested too?
Tell your friends that Veer Marketplace will have ingestion capabilities for new photography by mid year. Starting now, you can direct everyone to the submissions page on submissions.http://submissions.veer.com where they can submit their contact information and find further details about Veer Marketplace so they’re ready to contribute later this year.

Want to learn more about Veer? Wondering if there is anything you need to do? Click here to read the Veer Marketplace – SnapVillage FAQ to read through some frequently asked questions and answers. If you have any other questions that we don’t cover, you can email contactus@snapvillage.com or marketplacesubmissions@veer.com.

We’re excited about what lies ahead!

Thank you for your support of SnapVillage and get ready to be part of the new Veer Marketplace.

– Brian



1. Mopic - February 5, 2009

I just signed up today to Snapvillage. Nice to know it’s being closed. :/
Do you plan on transferring accounts and/or images to the new site?

2. Team SnapVillage - February 5, 2009

Hi All –

To help answer what will be a common question that we didn’t make as clear as we could have: you will not need to re-upload all of your images to Veer . Don’t fret – we’ll be transferring your content over for you during the transition in the coming months.

– Brian

3. Jaren Wicklund - February 5, 2009

Please clarify this statement :
…In the months ahead, we’ll be inviting SnapVillage contributors and customers to Veer Marketplace….
Does this mean that only those whom Snapvillage deems as having a valuable portfolio will be invited…or will all be invited?

…” will have upload capabilities in spring/summer 09. If your images aren’t transitioned prior to that date, you are welcome to register and upload ( at Veer )…

You stated that the images will be transitioned for us, so does this mean that those whose images were not transitioned were of those who were not invited over?

This was missing from the FAQ so I’d like to have it clarified.
Thank you!

4. Team SnapVillage - February 5, 2009

Jaren, most of the contributor content on Snapvillage will be transitioned over, including any new submissions between now and the Veer Marketplace debut. If your images aren’t transitioned prior to the debut, you are welcome to register and upload your content at that time.

Mopic, we encourage you to start submitting your images to Snapvillage if you haven’t already. Veer Marketplace will continue to source images from SnapVillage until it launches its own upload tool in spring/summer 2009.

– Betty

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8. Ronald de Heer - April 25, 2009

How will the pricing be mapped from the prices I have set to the prices veer-marketplace is using?

Team SnapVillage - April 28, 2009

Ronald, prices for Snapvillage images will not be mapped to Veer Marketplace. Each image will be available in sizes XS up to XXL, with a set price for each size. We’ll be bringing over the full-size files you originally uploaded to Snapvillage and regenerate cut-down ones from those. We are also working on credit-based subscriptions. You can see the pricing model and join the VMP discussion at http://www.veer.com/products/marketplace/.

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