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IOTW: Railway Tracks at Sunset February 4, 2009

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Railway Tracks at Sunset

Image: 43-00608312

Title: Railway tracks at sunset

Contributor: Stephen Strathdee

One school of thought in the stock photography world is that it’s often a good idea to keep your images aimed at a more general audience rather than a very specific one. This image is a good example of that philosophy. The trick is to find a balance between a striking image and something that can be vague enough to be useful in a variety of contexts. Easier said than done, but Stephen Strathdee pulls it off nicely in this composite shot titled, “Railway Tracks at Sunset.”

Travels, transportation, riding into the sunset, emptiness, isolation, vastness, are just a few of the ideas that this image could convey. Really there is no telling how many different ways this image could be used; we’ll let the buyers figure that out.

Some skillful but unobtrusive manipulation adds to the general aesthetic, proving once again that sometimes less is more or at least more useful.

– Dustin

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