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Reviewer Favorite Images of 2008 January 15, 2009

Posted by Team SnapVillage in snapvillage.
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Each SnapVillage reviewer goes through many hundreds of images daily, but we still get excited when we come upon a great image. We’re always on the lookout for good content that is commercially appealing, technically strong, and conceptually engaging. But we’re also a pretty diverse group here and can’t help but be moved by all kinds of interesting imagery.  Now that we’re into the New Year, let’s look for a moment by presenting Snapvillage Reviewer Favorites ’08.  These are highlighted selections from some members of our image review team.

We look forward to seeing more great images in ’09!


Molly’s Pick: 43-00684632

Contributor: CURAphotography

Fashion fairy tale - CURAphotography

“The desaturation of colors and interesting lighting make this whimsical portrait delicate and beautiful.”


Malia’s Pick: 43-00593167

Contributor: Gregory Johnston

Dew on the barbed wire fence - Gregory Johnston

“The stillness and clarity of this image attract my eye.”


Shelby’s Pick: 43-00427801

Contributor: littlelion

kimono pattern - littlelion

“Just looking at this pattern makes me happy!  The warm, cheery colors and the delicate little patterns draw my attention in and make me take a closer look.”


Ryan’s Pick: 43-00665715

Contributor: Anton Prado

Walking the tightrope of smoking addiction

“Great imagery, slick composite work.  I love pictures that reveal themselves to be more complex the closer you look.”


Shannon’s Pick: 43-00587159

Contributor: scargut

Katies Favorite Things

“The use of color, movement and whimsical expression makes me smile when I look at this image.”


Julian’s Pick: 43-00460729

Contributor: Duccio Francolini

Walking in the city -  Duccio Francolini

“The city can be home, and the rich warm tone and motion-blurred pedestrian helps this urban shot say ‘street life’ instead of ‘life on the street.'”


Colin’s Pick: 43-00636957

Contributor: Infinity

umbrella against evening sky - Infinity

“I like the surreal nature of this image.  It’s simple but arresting, and could be used in a wide variety of ways.”


Betty’s Pick: 43-00106165

Contributor: iofoto

Seductive woman in underwear

“This is female beauty, fashion, body image, and aging concepts all rolled up into one attractive photo.”


Brian’s Pick:  43-00536820

Contributor:  Jill Flusemann

Two women in silhouette - Jill Flusemann

“I’ve already mentioned this in a IOTD blog post some time ago – but I am still mesmerized by the color form, and composition in this shot. It’s the idealized “travel shot as art print”.


Dustin’s Pick:  43-00387902

Contributor:  Chromatica

Low section view of young woman jumping on bed - Chromatica

“Ok, first full disclosure is needed, I love jumping on the bed. Always have, always will. This shot does an excellent job of capturing the sense of freedom and excitement that many a jumper has experienced first hand. Sadly now that I’m a “grown up” my head hits the ceiling when I try it.”




1. tyler - January 15, 2009

some great shots. thanks 😉

2. Timothy S. - January 19, 2009

Wow cool shots. Show us more!

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