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Test your color hue IQ September 25, 2008

Posted by Team SnapVillage in snapvillage.
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We stumbled across this nifty little color hue test and wanted to share it with the Village. Arrange four sets of hues on a spectrum to test your eye.

Don’t forget to blink (we did, made our eyes feel funny).

Take the Hue IQ test here.

Let us know how you scored in the comments. Lower is better on this one.

Good luck!

– Liz

P.S. Brian and I tied at 4 on our first attempt. Beat that if you can!



1. Chris Ridley - September 26, 2008


I managed to get a zero score the first time, took about 4mins..
lucky dragging I guess!

Great test!


2. A.Ngok - September 26, 2008

Yayer! perfect score.
fun test 🙂



3. Kate - September 26, 2008

Got an 8… Fun test!

4. bc - September 29, 2008

Got a perfect zero, first try. Nice to find out I have eyes like a hawk. :^)

5. todd - October 5, 2008

I got a 7 🙂 that was fun

6. wayoutwest - October 6, 2008

Scored 29.

7. mgl - November 1, 2008

There is blue in this world? 4

8. orchid photo - November 21, 2008

i got a 7 and am shocked! my friends and fam are always telling me i can’t tell colors apart. my eyes feel funny now, but that was fun! 🙂

9. hasan - December 21, 2008

“You have perfect color vision!” Yup that me :))

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