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IOTD: LuMaxArt’s “Online Shopping” September 8, 2008

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Image: 43-00534953
  “Online shopping”
Contributor: LuMaxArt

Why we like it:  Mixing it up a bit – today we’ve selected a recently submitted image from LuMaxArt – creator of the famous “gold guys” and one of the most prolific SnapVillage contributors to date. This LuMaxArt illustration displays some of what makes his work so successful:

  • Appealing 3D render
  • Clean design – easy to drop into a variety of webdesigns and business publications
  • Clear visual translation of popular concepts and metaphors

Similarly to the Monkey Business shot we picked last week, this LuMaxArt illustration captures a popular concept in a clear and accessible way. LuMaxArt takes advantage of the medium – conjuring a humorously literal take on online shopping in a way that would be a bit more obtuse in a photograph (not to mention difficult to capture without many hours of post-processing effects). Without overcomplicating, he adds some nice details too – the binary “1”s and “0”s that the online shopper is surfing into the laptop screen.

But if online shopping gets this interactive we may all be in trouble…  😉


What do you think?



– Brian



1. Todd - November 23, 2008

As always, Lumax’s artwork is in a league of its own. Well done!

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