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Top 10 Photography Equipment News & Review Sites September 5, 2008

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Using good camera equipment is critical to achieving success in the microstock world. If you’re using a digital SLR or digicam that is a few generations old – newer cameras will offer shaper images with less noise, and with increased resolution for bigger files and more cropping options – not to mention things like autofocus speed, FPS, and cool features like “live view”. Are you hanging on to outdated equipment? Is it time you upgraded your gear? If so, you’re in luck! 

While fall is often when major camera companies unleash new pro and mid-range products – this year is extra special. Us photo geeks start to salivate as the biennial Photokina convention rolls around – and the 2008 show is looking to be an exciting one.  In addition to several huge recent announcements from Nikon, there are rumors of major new product releases from Canon, Sony, Panasonic, and others. Plus there will always be a few surprises, and a fresh crop of “must have” new photographic accessories to boot. So get your credit cards ready now…

To keep tabs on the new releases, and to get insights on what camera equipment is actually worth your cash – check out our list of the Top 10 Photo Equipment News and Review Sites:

  • DPReview
    • Probably the king of equipment review sites. This is a worthy first-stop on your review hunting quest. Excellent, very thorough reviews of new camera models of all stripes. Plus, the DPReview team is now giving the same extensive treatment to lenses as well. Sweet! Active forums on here too – lot’s of fun speculation on new equipment launches.
  • CameraLabs
    • I really like Gordon Laing’s CameraLabs site. Nice reviews and news features – plus a handy “Best Buys” feature that makes reliable recommendations. It doesn’t hurt that the amazing New Zealand scenery provides a spectacular backdrop for testing! More recently the CameraLabs team has started video reviews as well. Check it out.
  • Steve’s Digicams
    • Not the prettiest site around (but hey – it works!) – they do have a huge database of reviews – this site includes reviews of many entry-level and consumer grade digicams that other sites may not review.
  • PhotographyBlog
    • Frequently updated – and almost always on top of the very latest hot news. Great email newsletter with highlights of major announcements. Expanding collection of equipment reviews too.
  • Luminous Landscape
    • While technically not a review site – Luminous Landscape often includes great reviews on major equipment releases – especially pro gear including medium and large formats (wide too!). The reviews here are a nice contrast to others – as they usually focus more on actual field use than on the nitty gritty technical details. Besides including reviews on equipment and software, the LL team also adds thoughtful essays on a diverse range of photographic and creative topics.
  • DCResource
    • Great Buyers Guide section, plus frequently updated news and forums too.
  • ImagingResource
    • Solid reviews and plenty of excellent articles. Well-worth checking out!
  • FredMiranda
    • User based reviews are the main attracting here – their lens reviews are really helpful, plus an active forum with pro topics and users.
  • RobGalbraith
    • Not as many equipment reviews – but they’ve got very high-quality, in-depth reporting on pro gear and news – with occasional product reviews tossed in.
  • Photo.net
    • The great-granddaddy of all photography sites on the net. Great archive of articles – a real wealth of material across the entire site – including some great tutorials on photography basics. Definitely worth bookmarking and making a regular visit.

BONUS! While writing this I came across two new sites that look really promising. Here’s a bonus #11 and #12 to add to the above list:

  • 1001 Noisy Cameras
    • Looks good – lots of updated rumors and news. This is one I’m going to start visiting regularly.
  • DSLR Map: a DSLR Review Guide
    • Cool chart showing cameras from most manufacturers, with current models linking to aggregate review information – many of which are from sources listed above. This might be a useful place to start your search.


What other sites do you use?  Have other favorites?  —- Share in the comments!


– Brian







1. GCRaya - September 25, 2008

Can’t forget about TWiP. This Week in Photography is a great blog and podcast.

2. John - October 2, 2008

All outstanding recommendations, especially dPreview, Luminous Landscape and Rob Galbraith. There’s also a new product review site called Best Photo Gear that looks VERY promising — it’s run by professional photographers and is candid about what we pros REALLY use out there, as opposed to being addicts for the latest toy.

I’ll include their URL in my name so it’s easy to click to, but consider it a professional as well as personal endorsement. Disclaimer: site owned by longtime friends of mine, great people. Tell them Johnny sent ya. 🙂

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