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IOTD: Mantonino’s “100 yard dash” September 4, 2008

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Image: 43-00524252
  “100 yard dash”
Contributor: mantonino

Why we like it:  Welcome mantonino to the IOTD club!

Concepts concepts concepts!  This shot is simply packed full of nice saleable commercial concepts:

  • Adversity
  • Challenge
  • Slow
  • Competition

The deep red color of the running track really jumps out – even at thumbnail size! In addition, the super shallow depth of field adds a cool 3D effect to the image.

If you don’t know him already, Matt runs (among other endeavors) the microstock blog NiltoMil, which we linked to recently in our “Top 20 Microstock Resource Sites” post.

Through Matt’s journey towards his first microstock $1 million, NiltoMil adds a unique commentary to the growing thicket of microstock blog and resource sites. If you haven’t checked out NiltoMil – it’s a great blog to add to your list.


What do you think?  What other commercial concepts do you see in this shot?


– Brian



1. studiophototrope - September 5, 2008

Nice image and concept. Well done.

2. Robin Harrell Maypop - September 6, 2008

Great Shot, great composition! The snail’s shell is so pretty, if it had been plain without stripes or colors it would not have contrasted so nicely with the background! Great model! And Awesome concepts, Future is Wide Open
Red Zone
Nature Vs. Man-made
New Beginning

3. MikLav - September 21, 2008

I didn’t see it when it was selected IOTD (I am not daily on this site) – great image!

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