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IOTD: Michael Svoboda’s “Boudoir” Set September 3, 2008

Posted by Team SnapVillage in snapvillage.

Image: 43-00526592
Contributor: Michael Svoboda

Why we like it:  The pale and hazy light in Michael Svoboda’s “Boudoir” set is truly alluring. As a modern RF lifestyle shot – this image in particular stands out for its composition and the candid pose.

This set of 5 images combines a beautiful model and a rustic set that provides a great array of textures.

Check out the overlapping textures in the image below – both on the model’s print dress and the ornately tiled wall that serves as a retro-vintage backdrop. (This image would have been even stronger without that distracting shower head in the upper-right, but it’s still an attractive shot).


Image: 43-00526593
Contributor: Michael Svoboda


The other three images in this set are great too – you can find ‘em here.


What do you think?


– Brian



1. Henrik - September 4, 2008

I really like the image with the mirror. Some how it speaks to me. I like the composition and the way the light is playing with her hair. Excellent job!

2. Michael - September 5, 2008

Thanks for highlighting these shots. They are quite beautiful. Nice work.

3. Jens_G - September 5, 2008

Good point about the shower head. It would be easy to clone out though.

4. Sherrard - September 5, 2008

Great combination of lighting, composition, and environment. That beautiful ethereal light is harder to capture than most people think.
This is quality work.

5. Michael Svoboda - March 14, 2009

Thanks guys. I took your advise and I cloned out the shower head. Fun stuff!

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