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Image of the Day: Friday August 22nd August 22, 2008

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Image: 43-00511656

Title: “Red leaf”

Contributor: Yellowj


Why we like it: Shots of leaves and foliage lit from behind are now commonplace. We get plenty – including many that are technically perfect and showcase the unique patterns and textures of a semi-transparent leaf.


This example from Yellowj (his second IOTD! Congrats!) is not only sharp and well-executed, it outpaces the field in terms of aesthetic value. The diagonal red striping and the variation in the green tone make this look more like a watercolor painting than a macro photograph. Very nice!


Be sure to check out the rest of Yellowj’s portfolio. He’s been uploading plenty of exceptional content lately!




– Brian



1. belinda - August 22, 2008

i love this! brilliant colors, bright and bold. look great on canvas on a wall.

going to check out his other stuff.

2. Henrik - August 26, 2008

Very nice close up/nature shot of this leaf! Excellent work! Congratulations on the Image of the Day!

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