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Image of the Day: Thursday August 14th August 14, 2008

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Image: 43-00470576
“Winking Chihuahua”
: markstahl

Why we like it:
Mark’s found a winning formula here:

1 chihuahua + 1 winking eye + 2 floppy ears  =  adorable

Mark uses shallow depth of field as well as a catchlight to highlight the dog’s open eye. The gentle gradient in the gray background adds some definition as well as copy space.

For those of you not familiar with the term – catchlights are essentially an artifact of the light source, a highlight reflected in the eye. Catchlights add a bit of sparkle to the subject’s eyes (whether human or not). This can make the eyes appear more alive, which will make your portraits pop. Dull, flat looking eyes just aren’t very attractive and are best avoided.

When developing your portrait lighting setup, always consider catchlights. As you can imagine – the look and shape of the catchlight varies depending on the type of lighting, the size of the light source and its distance from the subject. Big softboxes create squarish or rectangular catchlights, while ringlights produce a circular highlight.

Check out this Digital Photography School article to learn more about catchlights.

– Brian



1. Henrik - August 14, 2008

Yes it can’t get much cuter! I love this shot! Congratulations!

2. markskat - August 14, 2008

What a great picture! A ‘once in a lifetime’ shot, unless you have a very well trained animal that is! :o)

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