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Image of the Day: Thursday August 7th August 7, 2008

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Image: 43-00485495
  “Supporting Hands”
Contributor: AlexanderShalamov

Why we like it:  We get a fair number of baby/infant shots submitted to us on a regular basis.  Shots of babies are nearly up there with flowers, dogs, cats, and sunsets in terms of the sheer volume of submissions. Most baby images are just okay, some are merely good, but a few really shine. AlexanderShalamov’s “Supporting Hands” stands out with excellent composition. More than the usual “aww that’s a cute infant!” factor, this image has lots of great conceptual interpretations such as “safety”, “security”, “support” and “protection”.

Just a reminder: when shooting a popular subject always try to push for a unique vision to help give your shot a chance to stand out from the rest. Avoid the easy (and cheesy) way out — use composition, lighting and technical skill while shooting instead of relying on post-processing and filter effects in Photoshop. Keeping a specific concept like “protection” or “support” in mind as you shoot will help keep you on track as well. 

What do you think?


– Brian



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