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Image of the Day: Friday August 1st August 1, 2008

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Image: 43-00474466
Title: “Silhouette of young woman jumping on beach”
Contributor: IKO

Why we like it: Sunset +beach + jumping + woman + silhouette = nice shot!
Exuberance and a beautiful scene. This image fits nicely into the trend of images of people jumping and shot frozen in mid-air. In the past few years this has become a highly requested shot at weddings and other group events as a fun alternative to traditional (read: stodgy and boring) group portraits taken with feet on the ground. If you haven’t tried having your models jump – try it out this weekend. It’s a great way to get a different pose and the act of jumping almost always creates fantastic facial expressions. Plus it just looks cool!

Depending on the light you’ll probably need a shutter speed of 1/250th of second or faster. Try mixing natural light and strobes for even more jumpy fun. Set your camera to continuous shooting mode to get the best range of shots. Keep in mind that it may take some practice to get the timing just right.

Favorite “jumping” images on SnapVillage:
43-00139544 by vitvelasquez
43-00059199 by fotofritz
43-00309509 by IKO (IKO nails jumping!)
43-00184650 by darrenbaker
43-00423958 by UBE (jumping can work in illustrations too!)

See Daniel Boud’s (founder of the JumpingProject group on Flickr) jumping images here:

Jumping Project Group on Flickr: here

Have an awesome weekend everybody!

– Brian



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