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Popular Categories Need Your Content July 30, 2008

Posted by Team SnapVillage in snapvillage.

Hi SnapVillage Contributors!


Earlier this week, we shared some info with you on our most popular categories ranked by the number of downloads.


We also have a lot of categories that sold very well considering how few images they have.


Check out this list (in no particular order) of popular categories with a relatively high number of downloads. SnapVillage buyers are definitely interested in images that fit into these categories.

If you’ve got it, upload it. It’s what buyers are looking for and we need more of it!



Popular Small or New Categories


Arts & entertainment – dance

Urban & rural scenes – suburbs

Arts & entertainment – music

Celebrations – birthdays

Lifestyle & relationships – families

Social issues – environment

Celebrations – weddings

People – seniors

Education – (all subcategories)

People – babies

Illustrations & vector graphics – icons

Business – retail

Industry & work – factories

Health & beauty – fitness


– Brian



1. Lou Oates - August 6, 2008

Sorry not to put much stock in the above. I’ve got 200+ of my best selling (elsewhere) images here and have seen miserable sales. So, at least for me, why bother?

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