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Wondering What Content Buyers Want? June 17, 2008

Posted by Team SnapVillage in snapvillage.

43-00033425 / Varina and Jay

Hi SnapVillagers –

Looking for ideas for your next shoot?  Wondering what image buyers are looking for? PhotoShelter has just posted the results of their 2008 Buyer Survey. They’ve done some of our homework for us!  😉

This is really great information. If you haven’t seen it yet – check it out:


No big surprises in the top image categories:  Business and Lifestyle shots are always in demand, but did you know that “Eco-friendly” images and “Healthcare” are also very popular?  If not – get shooting!!

One thing that caught my eye:  the need for natural looking Lifestyle shots – sometimes called “real people.” This is an industry-wide trend that is important to pay attention to.  The PhotoShelter crew calls this out:

A few notes on Lifestyle (General):
We hear it constantly. Buyers really want pictures of real life: candid, non-posed imagery that depicts its subjects behaving naturally (and not waiting for the camera to snap). The quality must still be professional – read: no snapshots! – in order to be used in a stock context.

This kind of content features atypical models – those without perfect skin, hair and body types. “Real people” are all around you – neighbors, friends, and family are a good place to start.  Despite the potential for “snapshots” – keep your compositions and quality professional. While getting started, there is no need to stress about lighting – natural light falling in from a window on a grey day can be really effective for portraits. Of course, as always you’ll need to make sure you get a model release!

Other significant SnapVillage content needs referenced in the survey:

– Lifestyle images with ethnically diverse models (of varying ages too!)
– Education (again with ethnically diverse models)
– Healthcare portraits and concepts

The survey results contain lots of great ideas and information to get you started.

Looking forward to seeing your submissions! 


– Brian





1. lolahoi - June 24, 2008

Buyers want real people, real people need model releases, without the model release (legally binding not a mickey mouse release) you can be in big trouble.

A legally binding model/property release requires is not easy reading.

Photo Buyers should also take part of the responsiblity of liability should the model/property release be deemed Mickey Mouse in a court of law.

Photo Buyer/Editor

2. John Penezic - October 21, 2008

Getting those “real life” candid model releases can be difficult. Many times strangers on the street are busy with their own lives. One trick for me, that has worked very well, is to simply give them a business card. On the back I have a note to call me to get their free pictures. In return, as valuable consideration, I give them a selection of 4×6 or 5×7’s. People will often times take the time out to come by the office for something free. Once there, I do not upsell them in any way. I get the release and they get a selection of photos. I also get some who inquire as to a modeling portfolio, which I gladly discuss with them ;0)

3. taiggirty - June 3, 2009

Sweet blog. I never know what I am going to come across next. I think you should do more posting as you have some pretty intelligent stuff to say.

I’ll be watching you . 🙂

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