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Message from Adam Brotman June 3, 2008

Posted by Team SnapVillage in snapvillage.

SnapVillage Members –

On Friday evening, we started a significant upgrade to the SnapVillage website including a redesigned website and navigation, as well as moving the website to a new data center and new servers. We are investing in SnapVillage so that we have a world-class website and technology platform for the long term, and I can’t wait to share the new website with you.

We’re doing this as quickly as possible, but it is taking a lot of time to transfer the files to our new data center and servers. There are literally millions of files, and it’s simply taking longer then we anticipated because automated systems haven’t been as effective as we expected.

We are being really diligent, and I want to assure you that your member profiles and images are completely safe, and the new user experience will be better.

We are disappointed that this has taken so long. We know that this type of outage isn’t acceptable, and I can promise you that this is a one-time event only. We are working urgently – literally night and day – to get this done quickly and well.

We will be getting in touch with our recent and current customers to explain that this is a one-time event and are committed to great customer service – always and around the clock.

We are hopeful to have the website up today and will be updating this blog every 3-4 hours with the latest progress. I can tell you that all the files have been restored on the new servers and we’re in the making final adjustments and testing.

I apologize for the inconvenience this is causing you.

Please email us at contactus@snapvillage.com or me at Adam.Brotman@corbis.com if you have any questions.

Adam Brotman

SVP of Corbis.com & SnapVillage.com



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