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Featured Mock Ad Submissions April 15, 2008

Posted by Team SnapVillage in fake ad campaign, snapvillage.
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After just a few days, we’ve already had a great response to our Fake Ad Campaign. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed so far. Your free SnapVillage t-shirts are on the way!

If you haven’t chimed in yet, just create a fake ad for a bogus company or service using a SnapVillage image. Send it to contactus@snapvillage.com and we’ll send you a free SnapVillage t-shirt. Your ad might even be featured on our blog or in a real SnapVillage ad. Get some free publicity, a cool shirt, and forget about that annoying “client approval” thing.

It’s great to see such clever work from so many talented designers. To get an idea of what we’re seeing, check out these featured ads below.

– Liz, Team SnapVillage

Created by Peter Santa Anna. Photo by dzain

Created by Ben Synstelien. Photo by Yuri Arcurs.

Photo by iofoto

Created by Brent Phelps. Photo by iofoto.

Created by Grace Kao. Photo by Quayside.

Created by Jan Allan. Photo by freezingpictures
Disclaimer: The advertisements displayed are submitted by our users and are not intended to depict real services, businesses or trademarks. They are intended to be wholly fictional, in other words, fake. Any resemblance to any actual services, businesses or trademarks is entirely coincidental.



1. Damian P. Gadal - April 23, 2008

These ads are great!

2. David Fowler - April 30, 2008

Feeling a bit dissapointed that more of you aren’t contributing to this blog. Then realised I hadn’t posted for ages either! It’s always encouraging to get news of sales and general feedback on the site. My sales stuck on three (subscription) so far. However, viewing figures have shot up in recent weeks which is very encouraging. Obviously the marketing is starting to pay off. It would be better if new postings were laid out in date order. Have just found a recent posting on an SV announcement from months ago! Sorry that those of us here in the UK can’t get our hands on the T shirt. I suppose postage would cost a fortune. Happy selling out there, David

3. Andrea - April 30, 2008

I enjoy looking at these ‘Fake Ads’. I’ve contributed my ‘fake ad’ design, about 2 weeks ago, but haven’t had any feedback from “Snap Village” thus far…
Will I get an e-mail + a T-shirt?
Please reply.

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