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More Images, More Contributors, More Snaps for SnapVillage! December 10, 2007

Posted by Team SnapVillage in snapvillage.

We’re excited to announce that we recently crossed over the 125,000 image mark at SnapVillage.  This is an important milestone for us, and most importantly for our contributing photographers and image seeking (and downloading!) customers.  The continued growth in our image catalog demonstrates that photographers are quickly embracing our easy-to-use website, our pick-your-own-price model, and the opportunity for their imagery to one day be upgraded to the Corbis catalog.  The pace of new image submission – and new photographers – at SnapVillage continues to accelerate.  We are now receiving more than 10,000 images each week, in categories ranging from landscapes and interiors to people and food.

We think that’s great — but more importantly, it’s great for everyone out there looking for the perfect image for their own, unique creative project. 

To mark the occasion, we thought we’d highlight a few categories of images that have been growing rapidly along with the overall catalog: landscapes, beauty, and concepts.  And with the holiday season upon us, we added the last category in case anyone has seasonal projects waiting for the right photo!  And follow the additional links to check out just a few of the many great images available in these categories by some of our photo contributors:





We are still in beta at SnapVillage, and we continue to work on ways to make it easier for professional and amateur photographers to upload their images to our site. And we’re working hard on it!  You will continue to see more tools to facilitate the submission of great new images, individually or in large sets, as we keep improving this aspect of the SnapVillage site and service experience.   In the meantime, take a spin through the image catalog and see what strikes your fancy.

Our photographers are the key to making SnapVillage a success, and we’re delighted that they’re helping us grow the catalog at an ever-increasing clip. 

Keep it up, all you talented people — we need you!




1. Michael - December 12, 2007

Well, that sounds nice –

but, but, but to upload pics from Germany drives us really crazy.

90 to 95 % failed and you stop

If you get through – You IPTC Data does not show up.

Sorry, but for a site run by Corbis It is not nice.

Regards Michael

from Germany

2. wayoutwest - December 15, 2007

Thanks for the update. Will be good to have an improved upload procedure. I have a sale most weeks now, so the buyers have found the site. Hope 2008 will be a great year for this site.

3. Ronald de Heer - December 18, 2007

I have now about 170 pictures online and 30 wainting.
I have however still 540 pictures in my list and just made last week other 2000 pictures in Germany of which I expect to select arround 300 for upload.

5 pictures at a go is very problematic and currentlt 70% of the time I get :

Unknown Error occurred, Please try after some time.

Another 20% end up in “please log-in” after which you lost all.

Only about 10% of my upload get through the last few days.

When can we expect these issues to be solved?

I like your site and business model but you need to sort this out.

Thanks and regards.

4. Kngkyle - December 21, 2007

Please please please get FTP uploading!

5. EwanRG - December 31, 2007

WayOutWest – Any tips for those of us who have gotten images submitted and approved, but no sales? I was beginning to think that no one actually came here to buy anything, and it’s encouraging to know that “someone” is at least seeing sales…

6. Astro - February 28, 2008

Anybody else having uploading problems?

None of my images seem to get past “Step 1” at the moment…
I select my file, hit continue, it takes its time and certainly uploads information, but never takes me to the next step… It just goes back to Step 1.

The file size is not huge either.

Is this a known bug?
I’m using Safari on a Mac.

7. Astro - March 1, 2008

For all those using Safari on a Mac

I solved my problem of not being able to upload images…
By downloading Firefox and using that as my web browser.

Seems there are still a few bugs when using Safari to upload.


8. LightScribe - March 28, 2008

what’s the deal with uploading, I can’t get past step 1 it keeps timing out, why is there even a time out feature on a stock site..seems kind of silly considering upload times can be really long. Or am I just missing something? please help? is it a problem with internet exporer.

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