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SnapVillage Welcomes Webshots Photographers! October 10, 2007

Posted by Team SnapVillage in General, snapvillage.

SnapVillage and Webshots introduced an opportunity for their Pro Shots photographers to upload and license their photos on SnapVillage.com today. With 7.2 million monthly visitors and more than 400 million photos to explore, Webshots is one of the largest photo- and video-sharing services on the web. The participating photographers have been invited from the Pro Shots section of Webshots, which features a variety of professional photographs available for download for screensaver and desktop use, as well as prints and gifts.

Webshots already provides an attractive channel for professional photographers to gain exposure and worldwide attention. By partnering with SnapVillage, Webshots now makes it easy for Pro Shots photographers to license their images in an online, royalty-free marketplace that is simple, intuitive and interactive. To see how Webshots is promoting the partnership with us, check out the informational landing page.

This partnership is just one of the many ways that SnapVillage is working to grow our image library, build brand awareness, and spread the word about our services. We’re optimistic that this partnership—and others like it—will be fruitful in bringing more visitors to SnapVillage in the months to come. We welcome Webshots photographers to SnapVillage!

For more information about becoming a Webshots Pro Shots photographer, please visit the Pro Shots Program.

See you around SnapVillage!



1. David Fowler - October 18, 2007

Well, over a week and no comments on the above so I thought I’d get things going (if only to keep the blog rolling!). Not sure how important the above announcement is since photographers contributing to the Webshots site have always been free to submit to SV and didn’t need to be “invited”.However anything that generates more contributing photographers and publicity for SV is to be welcomed. Have just had two weeks off work soley to concentrate on uploading and can report that the upload process seems to be near 100% successfull now. Three hundred photos published (though not one sale as yet!). Thanks Kalani for reporting your sale on 14/9/07 -good to know someone has sold something! News of sales always welcome as it is encouraging for the rest of us. Current bug is that I cannot access the “declined” area of my portfolio (only 3 or 4 I’m pleased to say). On the positive side I have had my first B/W submissions published so that opens up a lot of potential from my back files. Didn’t know if B/W would be accepted. Look forward to some responses to this. I think it’s important that we keep talking when it’s a big new project like this to highlight common problems and concerns. As I have said before I wish SV would give daily or (at least) weekly updates and news on this blog. Happy selling out there, David

2. Innis - October 30, 2007

Same to you, David. No sales yet,either, but steadily building up a ‘folio. I have also put up some black&white; will see how that goes. It’s early days.
I had a few declined and couldn’t access the page, but I checked the images, cloned out every possible logo, and re-submitted. They were accepted. It does seem odd to have to remove the Fiat logo from a picture featuring an immediately recognisable Cinquecento (in Palermo!) but, given how we’re all bombarded with constant unasked-for advertisments and product placement, I do quite enjoy obliterating every trace of branding…

I hope this thing takes off….I feel sure it will.
By the way, I’m all for leaving comments on each other’s pictures…I had an editor’s pick pic recently – 190 views, not one comment! I was slightly crestfallen….

3. Innis - November 8, 2007

Ptetty quiet round here, huh?

4. David Fowler - November 10, 2007

Congratulations on the editor’s pic Innis! Must admit I don’t really look at that section as I’m too busy seeing how many views I’ve had. Still no sales to date. The bug with the Declined portfolio has been sorted out now. as a result of my above blog posting I did receive an email from SV saying they were working on the bug and that B/W is welcomed. It’s the picture that counts. I know what you mean about having to take out every logo and trademark. Sometimes look a bit unatural. My best one was being asked to take out a London taxi cab from a London street scene because the design of the cab is copyright! That pretty much makes London scenes impossible! You say it’s a bit quite blog wise but do check out the Pictures We Want strand for some new postings. Happy selkling out there!

5. Art Wager - December 3, 2007

Innis, I saw your site and like it alot. You have some great work on there. I concentrate mostly in black and white, and sold one on here… I was stoked about it! I too have recently had to take out the name of a restaurant seen in one of my images… I didn’t mind at all. In fact, i agree that there’s too much product placement out there.

One of my images was declined because of the name “San Diego Trolley” on the side of the train. I don’t agree with this either, but I will accept it. Maybe as the site grows, certain identifiable information will be allowed to remain in the photos.

6. mamamia10 - April 10, 2008

Yeah!! (Wrings hands)! Nice blog you have here. I’ve enjoyed much reading your last posts. Keep it that way.

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