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You Asked For It… a New Watermark! September 14, 2007

Posted by Team SnapVillage in Service Announcements, snapvillage, SnapVillage Features.

Many of you have written in to say that the SnapVillage watermark could be cropped off the image too easily and that folks might be tempted to use the thumbnail instead of properly licensing the images.

In an effort to improve protection for your pictures, we introduced a new watermark design for SnapVillage today! In addition to the existing, bold “snapvillage” logo in the left hand corner, each image uploaded to SnapVillage will also have repeating logos superimposed across the image. This change will improve copyright protection for your images without compromising the picture quality and viewing experience for buyers.

Here’s an image taken by VisualRiot that contains the new watermark:

Washington Pass Image - SnapVillage.com

See you around SnapVillage and keep those ideas coming!

– SnapVillage Team



1. PeterC - September 15, 2007

The additional watermark is a lot better, thanks. I’ll start uploading again now.

2. wayoutwest - September 16, 2007

Thanks for doing this. A big improvement and I now feel like I can upload my portfolio.

All we need now is lots of buyers.

3. Melanie J - September 16, 2007


4. cloudyaz - September 16, 2007


Thank You

5. hatman - September 17, 2007

Unfortunately when I view my portfolio, the watermark doesn’t appear on the small size images. These images can still be stolen. Although the right click ‘save as’ has been disabled, all I have to do is ‘mail this image’ and hey presto.

I’m afraid I shan’t be uploading any pictures to Snapvillage other than my initial ‘test’ images which will now be deleted.

It seems that Snapvillage simply doesn’t understand the need for security – I have invested a considerable amount of time, money and effort in creating my images, and I am not going to trust them to an organisation that doesn’t understand the need to protect them.

6. David Fowler - September 17, 2007

Great improvement! Should make everyone happy now. Thanks.

7. Massimiliano Pieraccini (citylights) - September 18, 2007

Great! Thank you very much

8. Jake - September 18, 2007

My photos have been in queue for about 2 weeks. Have the reviews slowed down?

9. José Elias - September 19, 2007

A very wise decision. The deficient protection given by the previous watermark was the main reason for me to stop submitting. I’ll add more images soon.

10. Kalani - September 19, 2007

Thank you for the better watermark.

11. photographicfreedom - September 29, 2007

Unrelated to the watermark, today I am unable to log into my account, others have reported the same. Any announcements from Snapvillage about this? SY

12. David Fowler - October 1, 2007

I had the same problem logging in but it’s fine now. Must have been having a glitch! Anyone got any sales news to share. I’m still on zero! But ever hopeful and patient.

13. alex - October 5, 2007

good question david, has anybody made any sales ?

14. pongopongo - October 6, 2007

unrelated to the watermark, since you don’t have a discussion forum:
please don’t remove location tags! I understand the difficulty when you have no idea what the word is about, but since internet is a global thing, you will get searches even for insignificant places way away in the wilderness of Sweden, to take an example close to me!

15. hatman - October 8, 2007

I’d still like a watermark on the thumbnails please – it’s just too easy for people to steal those images, and SV’s thumbnails are the largest of any microstock agency.

16. hatman - October 8, 2007

Bug reporting: attaching model release form doesn’t work. Also, system will not allow change from ‘allow subscription ‘ to ‘not available for subscription’ (or the other way around) when images are in a set – system seems to record a default for the entire set and no way to change it.

17. hatman - October 8, 2007

Blog update would be useful – last one is nearly a month old.

18. cloudyaz - October 17, 2007

David and Alex…yes there are buyers on this site, I had my first sale this week

19. M - September 7, 2008

I sadly removed all of my images from SnapVillge.com a while ago due to the lack of watermark on the thumbnails that appear in the search results.

Having done a quick search, I found one of my images on a blog with the exact same dimensions as the thumbnail of one of my images on SnapVillage 😦

I emailed the blog owner and the image was removed in a matter of hours.

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