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SnapVillage Image Review Time down to 1 to 2 days! August 2, 2007

Posted by Team SnapVillage in Service Announcements, snapvillage.

Hello SnapVillagers. First of all, a big “Thanks” to the thousands of you that have joined SnapVillage and submitted images since launch. Your willingness to give SnapVillage a try has driven the rate and volume of submissions well beyond our wildest expectations. We’re off to an amazing start.

Of course, the enthusiastic response also meant that we found ourselves with a backlog in a fairly short time, with plenty of comments and feedback here on this blog to prove it! In response, we moved fast to increase the size of the review team, and attacked our review backlog with a passion. Result: we’ve cleared out the backlog (thanks again for being so patient and understanding post-launch) and are averaging one to two days for new submissions. As of today, you can expect a pretty quick turnaround on any images you upload. If you are still awaiting word from us on images you submitted more than a couple of days prior to this post, please leave a comment or send us an email and we’ll investigate.

What the rapid review time also means is that we will respond quickly when you submit your work. If you’ve been sitting on the fence until now, it’s a good time to submit your pictures and get your work published to the site in just a few days. Click here to post your work.And while we’re on the subject of image submissions and reviewers, some of you left comments to the effect that the review decisions seemed a little unpredictable. If you have questions about or disagree with our review decisions, please send us an email and we’ll investigate!

See you around SnapVillage!



1. David Fowler - August 2, 2007

Good news! My last few submissions have been reviewed and published within 24hrs. However, still having problems uploading, whether singles or five at a time. You get to the final stage, having added all the caption details, and then cannot save and submit. The error message usually says something like “DB error, session timed out or server not responding”. I’m sure this will be ironed out soon though. Any news on when images will be available to buy worldwide and not just to the US market? Happy selling out there, David.

2. CJPhoto - August 3, 2007

How about FTP and IPTC reading. I know a lot of people are holding back until you offer these functions.

Maybe that is why your que is so short.

3. bsilvia - August 3, 2007

Heh, guys you really need FTP uploading. My upload rate is 1/10, I’m totally disappointed – it’s such a time waster.

4. steve - August 3, 2007

Lots of happy talk.

Resolve the IPTC issue that you said you were going to address over two weeks ago and the issue described above by David and you may stand a chance.

Some details on planned advertising to designers would be good along with statistics on numbers of images in the database etc., after all we are the ones providing your content for free.

It is a crowded market with new microstock sites springing up almost weekly. You have to be every bit as responsive to the market as the photographers and illustrators that keep the content flowing.

Happy talk is the opposite of being responsive.

You have a great look, a good feel and presumably a financial safety net, now all you have to do is take this whole thing out of limbo and decide what you really want to do with it.

5. hatman - August 3, 2007

I agree with CJP – although it’s good to see SV investing in more reviewers etc, no serious microstock photographer will be uploading until IPTC retrieval is available.

6. lbdimages - August 3, 2007

Any statistics on the ratio of purchasers(consumers) to the number of artists that are posting images? I see a lot of great images, but hardly any that have been downloaded. I understand the Beta phase, but maybe need to put some additional research and fervor into marketing and partnership links getting the Snapvillage name out there as a new and viable stock photography source.

7. kurt - August 4, 2007

Same problem here – uploading takes quite a time, then adding key words… and then….. error, error, error…. Will stop uploading until it works permanently.
Hope snapvillage is on a good way, though.

8. Shi Yali - August 4, 2007

I agree. At least IPTC has to be enabled and no more of these “DB error” messages. It’s been more than two weeks since the announcement that IPTC will be implemented “shortly”. There are a number of new stockphoto sites with smaller staff and budget that set up a painless and bugfree upload system right from the start.

9. Jan Will - August 6, 2007

Good to hear, that you have rapid reviews, but I do agree with CJPhoto, that FTP and IPTC reading is important for many photographers. Are there any sales yet? I have images with lots of views, but no downloads. I will continue to wait uploading images until FTP and ITPC reading is implemented. All the best for Snapvillage.

10. TK - August 11, 2007

Hey, is it me or is everyone having difficulty uploading files. I have been trying for several days without any success. Just want to know if it a operator headspace and timing issue or a site issue!

11. FlemishDreams - August 11, 2007

I’m more worried about the watermark. They still didn’t put it in the middle. The thumbs are fairly large so it’s easy to clone out. Not that it matters, I had only 1-4 views on my shots. I’m just cautious and I’m deleting most of my stuff here by now.

12. Kevin - August 12, 2007

Right now my main concern, before I upload anything, is that the user and contributor agreements point to 404 errors. I’m as fond of legalese as the next person, but I’d rather know what the full terms are before I upload anything. Sorry to be nitpicky, but entering a selling relationship without a contract seems rather, well, like a very bad idea.

Also, your public info area is asks for the entering of all fields before it’ll accept any – for those without a zip code, that’s kind of impossible.

13. Kalani - August 14, 2007

I’ve stopped uploading because of all the problems. TK, it’s not you, it’s Snapvillage. I wish they would turn the upload screen off until the fix it. Instead it lets photos be uploaded, keyworded, and releases attached before the errors knock everything out. I can find better ways to waste my time. We really need FTP.

Now I come here just to check the blog to see if the upload issue has been cleared up. Most days now no new posts or anything.

14. gustyx - August 14, 2007

SnapVillage Image Review Time down to 1 to 2 days! No need to be proud of – it´s not posible to upload, so there are no pix.

15. gustyx - August 16, 2007

still not able to upload pix

16. gustyx - August 16, 2007

got messages like these if attempting to upload:

1)unknown error
2)DB Error: – Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. The statement has been terminated.

17. Marcio Kelmanson - August 18, 2007

I’m finding working with this website impossible.

1. Set up a human customer service line. Show that you care. You haven’t replied to any of my emails asking for help or other questions.

2. If not the FTP, give us an uploader software like Flickr offers it’s pro members. Currently offering uploading capabilities are wishful thinking on your part. tried and tried from different places and browsers: impossible.

3. Tell me about the legal issues with the images. You say in your FAQ that you’ll deal with people posting photos that are not theirs. What copyright protection will you offer photographers? What is my ownership of an image once I upload it to the site?

4. Who are SnapVillage’s customers? How are you publicizing the website? Any ad campaigns in sight?

5. Will the stock be searchable on corbis.com?

Sounds like this will be a great site someday. right now it’s just a fascia.

18. Jeff Clow - August 22, 2007

I’m a bit perplexed that you don’t update this blog more often…..3 weeks between messages is quite a gap.

Could you give us some updates on things like:

1)What are your plans for marketing efforts to actually “sell” some images? I’ve got tons of views but not one download….and I’ve check many of your featured photos and see the same trend.

Full disclosure – I sell to other microstock sites and get tons of downloads on the same images that are here.

2) Is there any hope of improving your upload process in the near term future?

3) What’s going on new that you can tell us about?

Thanks in advance for a response to this query…..

19. Paulo Resende - August 22, 2007

I just want to ask, when you start to sell pictures?
You people must have the market, you are in advantage to all the competition.
You have Corbis and Bill behind and at the beginning i think to my self that you will rock in this area.
I don´t upload more because i don´t see any result and you don´t have your site in order (lot´s of bugs and no IPTC)

20. izaias - August 24, 2007



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21. Ewan Grantham - August 26, 2007

Is this site still being worked on? No updates in weeks, no indication that anyone has had their photos downloaded. Just is starting to feel like the place has been abandoned…

22. Jake - August 28, 2007

Any word or update on the IPTC or FTP?
I stopped trying to upload via the web browser a while back because that had errors.

23. David Fowler - August 28, 2007

Kevin’s problem as mentioned above can be got around for now by just entering a string of zeros in the zipcode box. I had the same problem but now have my public info up and viewable. Have covered this in another thread.Hope this helps.David

24. christopherlevy - August 29, 2007

Post #12- You’re not alone in this. Seems I would try 7 times and one would go through.

I’m not sure if I like my photos re-titled- especially when a key word in the title is mis-spelled! It’s “cemetery”, not “cemetary”. Grrrr.

25. artSILENSE - August 29, 2007

I wish to remove my small portfolio because my pictures at viewing dont have protection against copying.
I shall load all portfolio when I shall be assured of protection of my pictures.

26. christopherlevy - August 29, 2007

Sorry, I meant post #10.

27. photographicfreedom - September 1, 2007

One month since the last update??? SY

28. Tara - September 3, 2007

I have now deleted all of my photo’s off of this website. It has been over a month and none of the issues (errors, meta data, water mark, etc) have been addressed. I think this is a back burner project for corbis.

29. Kalani - September 4, 2007

Which images are you reviewing. There’s complaints on the blob from people like me who are unable to upload anything because of the error messages. If a photo does get through it should be reviewed in minutes, not days.

30. David Fowler - September 4, 2007

Where is everyone! No announcements from SV for over a month and no new postings on the blog.Feeling a bit lonely here in the UK. On the technical side (having just returned from holiday in Greece) all submissions are now going through without fail and promptly, so the upload bugs seem to have been cured. Has anyone actually had a sale yet? My feeling is that SV will start a major marketing campaign once a certain number of images are available,which makes sense to me. Meanwhile I’ll just keep building my portfolio until then. Happy selling out there, David

31. David Fowler - September 6, 2007

Still no problems uploading but review times have slipped again. Currently waiting six days for latest uploads to get on! Any news yet on any sales for anyone?! Still, good to see some new comments and an update at last. I think a daily update from SV would be good. Happy selling out there,David

32. tomas - September 7, 2007

C’mon guys and gals! “Oh ye of little faith!” I cannot imagine what it takes to launch a site like this. Seems like the uploading problems have been rectified. Corbis is behind this project, people at SnapVillage are working
hard, things are getting better.

My belief is that we’re only ramping up for a launch when critical mass is achieved: numbers of images and content.

Let’s see where we’re at a year from now! I think it’s going to be very exciting!


33. Frank Winters - September 8, 2007

I can’t upload any imagesas the function seems dead. Is this site alive in any way? Be great to get an an answer.

34. Kalani - September 14, 2007

I check this site once a week on Fridays. Tomas says the uploading problem is solved, I’ll give at a try. David, I got my first sale this week. I had just about given up on SV.

35. Tom - September 21, 2007

I cannot upload even a single image. The system stays in “processing” mode forever. Is this being fixed or is the site not even functional yet?

36. calexcyou - September 28, 2007

I also been having problems in the last 2 days of uploading images, I try to upload 5 images and it takes all day, thern disconnects, I been uploading 3 images at a time now, also it would be great to fix the problem and get FTP installed for faster and more uploads, and maybe the approval time can be faster also, instead of waiting 2 weeks, but the site has alot of potential, and I will stick with it, its still a great stock site ,
good luck guys..


37. Idetrorce - December 15, 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

38. Art - February 11, 2008

Well, the review and approval process for new submissions is now two weeks. I was a little suprised at this since SV was touting the quick turnaround time just a few months ago. Are you guys getting deluged?

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