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SnapVillage Photo Submission and Review Update July 10, 2007

Posted by Team SnapVillage in Service Announcements, snapvillage.

Greetings!  We continue to receive extremely helpful feedback from many of you.  One topic we’re hearing a lot about is the image review and approval process.  We certainly understand why.  Here’s a rundown on the steps we’ve taken to make the process as efficient and transparent as possible.

  1. We’ve doubled the size of the review team and are hiring even more people to join the team. As our capacity increases, the review cycle time will continue to drop.
  2. Last week we discovered an issue with the queuing of single image submissions. We’ve resolved the bug which has enabled us to process tons of singles. If you haven’t received a status update on the single images you submitted in June, you will hear from us shortly. Apologies to those affected.
  3. Many of you have asked for a guideline for how long the approval process takes on average. 10 days is a rough estimate we’re comfortable with for now.  Going forward, we expect to bring the review time down as we spin up new members of the team and the rookies become veterans.

Thanks again to the many people that have spotted bugs and provided suggestions for features, enhancements, and communications.  We’re listening and grateful to each and every one of you.  So, keep it up!

See you at SnapVillage.



1. denise beverly - July 11, 2007

Thank you very much. This is what I have been waiting on…just an update goes along way towards being patient. Thank you very much.

2. CJPhoto - July 12, 2007

We want FTP and IPTC reading.

Let me rephrase that …

We NEED FTP and IPTC reading.

3. hospitalera - July 13, 2007

I agree! Sorry, but I have 1000+ images in my portfolio and not the time to upload them one by one AND to copy and paste the meta data back in. Get ftp and iptc reading and you get my images, SY

4. artSILENSE - July 13, 2007

…. and we need good protection of pictures against copying 😦

5. Lou Neal - July 13, 2007

That’s good news!! How long before we can have FTP and IPTC reading available? I am holding off uploading more until IPTC at least becomes available.

6. bilrob - July 13, 2007

suggest that you give the contributor a heads up with each submisson as to how many days until approval, thanks

7. Michael Williams - July 13, 2007

How do I apply to be a reviewer? I live in Seattle, and have a long resume as a professional photographer. Do I apply through Corbis?

8. Snapdragon - July 13, 2007

I have had photos submitted since June 30. Today is July 13. I have contacted them twice and got no reply. Is anyone else having that kind of experience?

9. denise beverly - July 13, 2007

thank you getting images reviewed tonight…i greatly appreciate it.

10. Fenton Ayres - July 13, 2007

A phone number to talk to a live person would be nice. Email has not been satisfactory in trying to get a basic issue resolved!

11. Anatoly - July 14, 2007

We NEED MONEYBOOKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12. Immo Schiller - July 16, 2007

When will people from other countrys able to buy pictures at snapvillage?

13. memory - July 16, 2007

Does anyone get any download yet?

We need a community forum to discuss. Where is the forum?

14. john k, - July 17, 2007

forums are not needed, only cause trouble and problems

15. bilrob - July 21, 2007

how would you edit an image that is online, could not find any way to do that?

16. Brock - July 22, 2007

Is there a place to inquire about the length of the review process. In this posting you mention that the review process for multiple uploads should be about 10 days. I’ve had submissions waiting to be reviewed that I uploaded on July 11th.

17. David - July 23, 2007

At last! Not only have some photos been approved but I have just sucessfully downloaded another ten (five at a time).Have tried multiple submissions loads of times but have never succeeded till now (just get a message saying webpage has expired). Anyone got any ideas on how to set up my “public profile”? Have already asked about this on another strand without response.I just keep getting an error message saying my postcode must be integer (?).Is this because it is a UK code not a US zipcode? Help! Still the whole site seems to be getting better and better technically as the days go by. Happy selling out there.David

18. JohnC - July 24, 2007

It appears that you cannot edit an image once it has been accepted (description or title). But you can add new keywords.

19. David Fowler - July 27, 2007

To answer my own question above I have now set up my Public Profile by putting my postcode in as a set of zeros (ooooooo).This worked fine and you can now view my profile (should you be interested!).Hope this helps out there.

20. Michele - July 30, 2007

Just tried to upload 5 photos. After a while I walked away from the computer as it was taking quite a bit of time. When I came back I had a blank screen with a Snapvillage dialogue box – but no photos on my page to complete the metadata information. I guess I will try again tomorrow – one image at a time. Just trying out the site at this point.

21. David Fowler - August 1, 2007

John C points out above that you cannot edit description or title once accepted.True, but the easy way round is to click on the X on the photo (in My Portfolio).This deletes the image from Snapvillage. You can then just re upload with the correct info on. Have just had to do this as I the name of a Greek Island wrong! Hope this helps. David Fowler

22. Janie Mertz - August 15, 2007

Admin, Can you please give us an update. I can not get any photos to save now after only getting 3 on late two days ago. If it is not working at all, please let us know, so we won’t be trying for hours like I have.
Appreciate you . aladytraveler

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