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Welcome to SnapVillage – Hooray, We’re Live Today! June 24, 2007

Posted by Team SnapVillage in snapvillage.

Hello to the big wide world of creative people out there – we’re delighted to release SnapVillage in “beta” today as the newest (and freshest) kid on the micro-stock photography block! The SnapVillage site is officially open to receive digital pictures from anyone and everyone all over the world. It’s been a long and winding road, but we’re glad to be here. So to all of you out there, we say “Welcome”… it’s time to think fresh about how everyone uses digital pictures to make any kind of creative project come alive.

So what’s the “beta” all about, you might ask? Well, we’re the team that built SnapVillage, so we’ll just level with you. This is definitely still a BETA site – meaning that it’s not quite perfect (yet!). Even though there may be a few rough edges and plenty of features on our “soon-to-release” list (like bulk image uploading – it’s coming soon, we promise!), we wanted to throw open the digital doors and invite everyone in to start uploading new pictures and using the site just as soon as we possibly could. SnapVillage is a user-generated content site and service at its core, after all! We want as many creative photographers of all types out there to have the chance to start showing the world their stuff as early as we could.

We’re working hard on fixing the things we know could be better every day. And if you spend some quality time in the site and you have suggestions, send them through to us — we would love the input! Just shoot us an email to blog@snapvillage.com, and we’ll take it to heart.

So why is the SnapVillage Team so excited to finally be live? Well, it comes down to this: we want to change the way photographers and creative people of all types use digital pictures in their projects, businesses, and lives. Does that sound idealistic? Overly ambitious on our first day out in the world? We hope so – because we mean it. Everyone with a digital camera has the potential to show off their creativity to the world. And everyone with a computer has the tools to make something great from another person’s image. We believe it. We think it can happen, every day. And we want SnapVillage to be the place where millions of new types of creative people connect and make it happen. We’ve built the whole site, from the ground up, with this goal in mind. Any suggestions for how we can improve our chances of realizing that vision are welcomed. (Again, blog@snapvillage.com is where to send them, so feel free.)

Here’s a few examples of how we’re trying to make this dream a reality:

  1. Simplicity. It’s the organizing principle of everything we’ve done with SnapVillage, and everything we’re still going to set out to do. Creative people, busy people, you, me… we all want the services in our lives to just make it simple an easy for us to have a great experience. Everything from our site design to our one-price-for-all-3-image-sizes to our single-payment-no-credit-packs image sales model is focused on making the experience of finding, selecting, buying, downloading, and using every image on our site simple.

  2. Control. Our innovative set-your-own-price model at increments from $1 to $50 per image puts the control over image pricing in the hands of the submitting photographer. In this way, SnapVillage really is a “market” for great digital images, not just a “store on the web” where the shopkeeper sets prices. And the very best submitters, over time, even have the opportunity to be “promoted” to the upper-tier pricing and image listings on Corbis (our parent company and empowering force – thanks Corbis)!

  3. Interactivity. We’ve started a process with the SnapVillage site which will never end, the process of making a truly interactive site where everyone who interacts with it has the power to improve the experience for everyone else. Our “Snappyness” rating system utilizes the choices of the entire community to provide another method of sorting and filtering all of the great images in our growing catalog – a feature unique to SnapVillage. And our site navigation, browsing, sorting, and searching capabilities are all designed to help both casual and professional creative people to find the right image for the right project at the right price, quickly and easily.

We know we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us… We’ve got a long list of new features and improvements to keep rolling out in the days, weeks, and months ahead. We’ve got the challenge of adding to our growing catalog of digital images as fast as we can, to make sure every possible image need is met and then some in short order. And we’re undoubtedly going to start seeing a wave of great new ideas and suggestions rolling in now that we’re live – starting today.

We’re excited about that. But what excites us most is starting to see the vast range of great digital pictures that millions of people out there on the computers around the world are ready to start sharing and selling – many (most?) for the first time ever. From tourists-with-an-eye-for-detail to professional stock photographers and everyone in between, we know in our hearts that all of the stock and micro-stock photography sites out there today have only scratched the surface of all the great pictures people have taken in the last decade or so… and continue to take every single day.

So take a chance… Upload a few – or all – of your pictures to SnapVillage today. Show us – and the world – what you’ve got. Make a few bucks – or a lot of bucks – in the process. Give the professional photographers out there a run for their money. Most of all, we hope that you have fun, be creative, and think fresh. And we hope that with SnapVillage, we are about to make it a little easier and a little more fun to do it.

Welcome. We’re glad you’re here…



1. searchengines - June 24, 2007

congratulations – this is going to be very successful for you 🙂

2. stephane mot - June 25, 2007

Thanks for this snappy answer to not so stupid needs.
Long life to you.

3. CJPhoto - June 25, 2007

When will you be offering FTP?

And when will you be reading IPTC data embedded into the photo.

Without these two functions, you cant be considered a serious site

4. shaithis - June 25, 2007

I just signed up to submit photos with Snapvillage. I’m on several other sites, so I’m looking forward to seeing how successful this site is. Here’s to a prosperous relationship. Glad to be in on the ground floor

5. benny - June 25, 2007

Congrats.. This is gonna be fun!

6. Lisa - June 25, 2007

I am sure this is going to be a successful microstock site and will be very rewarding to be affiliated with you as I see this site grow and prosper for all.

7. mark goebel - June 25, 2007

do you accept IPTC metadata for keywords?

8. Fenton Ayres - June 25, 2007

I signed up for to submit photos, but I have not received a verification email yet so I have been uable to do so. Is there a glitch?

9. ja - June 26, 2007

I have one question, why my 10MP pictures are only available at two sizes: medium (1500×2100 or 3.1 MP) and small (600×800 or 0.5 MP) ?

10. Dave Renwald - June 26, 2007

What a great opportunity!! Photography is a global language (that’s about as philosophical as I will ever get) and it will be an honor to offer some of my own humble conversations.

11. Jeff Clow - June 26, 2007

I think you’ve come up with a model that will work superbly for the photography community.

It looks superb so far…..and I compliment you all for getting this “right” from the start.

VERY nicely done, team.

12. artSILENSE - June 26, 2007

Hi, congratulations!
I would like to see:
2) FTP
3) Moneybookers

13. Constantin - June 26, 2007

I hope it gains terrain in front of the older similar sites…

14. DVPhoto » Blog Archive » Welcome to SnapVillage – Hooray, We’re Live Today! « SnapVillage Blog - June 27, 2007

[…] Corbis, one of the largest traditional stock agencies around, has officially opened their new micorstock site, SnapVillage. […]

15. hatman - June 27, 2007


I uploaded ten images to test your system etc. Overall I am impressed with the speed of the site, design etc. However, I am concerned that the IPTC data is not being collected. I spend hours writing descriptions and keywords for my pictures, and to not have that information picked up by your upload procedure is a mistake I think. I know there will be many photographers in the same boat as me.

Another point is this: you appear to want to chose categories, but I am concerned about your choices for my first few pictures. For instance, a studio shot of an executive wearing a striped business shirt and writing with an expensive ballpoint pen has been placed in the ‘isolated on white’ category only; my intention for this shot was for business purposes (which is why the man is wearing an appropriate business shirt); the shot was also time consuming to create in my studio so I clearly want it categorised and keyworded correctly. So far as keywords are concerned, you have chosen simply ‘man, holding, pen’ which is insufficient; it might be okay when you’ve only got a few hundred pictures in your database, but when you’ve got a few million, buyers will want to be able to specify ‘business, executive, ballpoint, writing etc’ as opposed to ‘fountain pen, black, stainless steel’. I hope you understand these points.

I am happy to upload more pictures, but not until these issues are resolved; my pictures are very high quality, have taken many hours to create, and I clearly want them treated appropriately. I hope all of this makes sense.

Good luck to your new venture.

16. sheerphoto - June 27, 2007

I’m told you are only promoting the site in the USA, are there future plans to go global with the site?

17. sheerphoto - June 27, 2007

Also, on the first day of the site, I signed up and then I was asked for my pay pal info. I did not have a pay pal account, so I registered for pay pal on day 2 of the site, and yesterday signed in, but cannot get past the log in page to the pay pal info page. Can you tell me if I am the only one having this problem? Am I doing something wrong?

18. Anatoly - June 27, 2007

But need request payment via moneybookers.
You make this payment method?

19. oscar c. williams - June 27, 2007

I tried to upload photos but the screen turned white and did not allow me to upload. This is a serious issue for the profession. Let’s make a good first impression please!!

20. easyshoot - June 27, 2007

are you guys being already so busy that you have no time to review my photographs? Uploaded 25. of June, still waiting to get them online…..

21. spephoto - June 27, 2007

Good day, I’m quite eager to upload my images to your site, but only thing stops me from that, and suppose same thing preventing much more photographers from upload. That’s absence of any choice in money withdrawal. Paypal is great, but many of potential contributors are living in countries where PayPal either not works, or works with substantial limitations (eg. you only can send money from your account, but not to receive). So it would be nice to have nore options for earnings withdrawal ex.:
– MoneyBookers ( all nowadays leading microstocks using this payment system)
-check by post ( not so convinient as electronic money, but still very useful for some occasions).
As for other minor glitches, can agree with previous posters that it would be nice to have FTP upload possibility and IPTC data retrieval from the uploaded files.

22. Aleksandar Milosevic - June 28, 2007

Hello SnapVillage and congratulations on your start. The one thing that you should do as soon as possible is to add Moneybookers as an additional payment method, along with Paypal. The reason is that a great number of microstock contributors come from countries not supported by Paypal. All other microstock agencies offer Moneybookers as an alternative, so not using it, will put SnapVillage in a position to be deprived of receiving quality content from developing countries and many other parts of the world, not fully embedded in a Paypal system, resaulting in a rather “unprivilaged” position for SV compared to the competition. This especially gains on importance when it is known that photographers from developing countries are much more financially motivated to contribute to microstock sites, as a few hundred dollars is often an average monthly salary in those countries, so unlike in the USA, in these parts of the world microstock can be a way to significantly increase income. Without Moneybookers, many photographers will be forced to sell their work only through the outlets of your competition.
Best regards

23. oscar c. williams - June 30, 2007

This is my fouth request without any replies. I cannot upload images. The screens turns blank/white and shuts off. When wii you fix this?

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